Award‑winning LipSync MX allows Web designers and animators to create realistic lip synchronization animations in minutes using a highly intuitive, user-friendly interface.

LipSync MX computes lip synchronization by using sound files and predefined mouth shape images.

Create Web‑ready talking characters or publish your animations in a SWF file for use with Adobe Flash without the hassle of having to animate lip synchronization manually or use ActionScripts. Or simply save the animation as AVI or images files sequence.

Let LipSync MX become your virtual lip synchronization assistant today!

With Lipsync MX, get everything to create high quality lip synchronization 2D animations:

- Quick Actions: Complete the whole lip synchronization process in 4 easy steps!

- Real time preview: Just hit play! No computations are required after changing parameters.

- Supports most languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and others.

- Enhanced SWF publisher settings: Select Flash version and compression settings.

- SWF file creation: Import your lip synchronization animations easily using Adobe Flash.

- Web-ready SWF file: Transfer your newly created SWF files quickly and easily to a webpage.

- Complete phonetic support: Use up to 40 different phonemes.

- Intelligent smoothing: Achieve better lip synchronization results.

- Supports major image file formats: BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF and SWF.

- Advanced audio support: Import and export MP3, AIFF, and wave files.

- Publish your animations: Easily create SWF, AVI or Images files sequence.